La buena vida - The Good Life

The Wayuu community of Tamaquito in northern Colombia shall make way for the world's largest open cast coal mine "El Cerrejón." But the Wayuus are determined to defend their ancient territory against the invasion of the multinational mining company. [more]
Germany/Switzerland/Colombia 2015, 97 min, HD colour


Plug & Pray

It’s an age-old dream to create intelligent machines. Nowadays computer experts all around the world strive to fulfill their bold visions. Of all people one of the pioneers of the computer age, Joseph Weizenbaum, opposes the limitless faith in the redemptive powers of technology. [more]
Germany 2010, 91 min, 35 mm colour


Strange Homeland (Otzenrath 3° kälter)

Within six years, the inhabitants of the 700 year old village Otzenrath were resettled. This is the second part of a film chronicling the resettlement process in Rhineland brown coal country. [more]
Germany 2007, 81 min., S-16 mm colour & b/w



Lia is 14. Her mother has a new boyfriend and Lia is left alone at home. [more]
Germany 2007, 23 min., S-16 mm colour


Winter’s Children – The Silent Generation

Was Grandfather a Nazi? More than sixty years after war’s end, the filmmaker’s family begins to confront their own ancestors. A journey into the family conscience from the grandchildren’s viewpoint. [more]
Germany 2005, 96 min., 35 mm colour


Summer in Vingst

Kerim works at a Kiosk. Sascha wants to work as a mechanic. Mahmut goes through training at the post office but is not offered a position.
Mustafa considers quitting the training assigned by the Federal Employment Office. It is summer. [more]
Germany 2004, 50 min., DV / Digi-Beta b/w


Bread and Music

In 1999, a symphony orchestra for 52 unemployed musicians is founded. The film follows their struggle to create new jobs for themselves within the framework of the German employment promotion laws. [more]
Germany 2003, 52 min., DV / Digi-Beta colour


Waste Land (Otzenrather Sprung)

The last year in the old hometown: Otzenrath is the first of many villages that must yield to the controversial open pit mine “Garzweiler II.” The film accompanies the villagers as they prepare for the forced resettlement. [more]
Germany 2001, 63 min., S-16 mm b/w-sepia


Margret’s Corner (Das kleine Kaufhaus)

Five women work in a women’s clothing shop. They met each other many years ago in Munich. If you spend a little time in their shop, you begin to understand why they have never separated since. [more]
Germany 1999, 44 min., 16 mm colour



A film about the body and earth.
An essay about scars and Autobahns.
A film in the key of A-moll.
Germany 1996, 7 min, 16 mm b/w


San José - The Moon is Our Light

A small village in the bolivian rainforest, reachable only by foot or boat. The people lead archaic lives without electricity or running water. But there are signs of dramatic changes to come. [more]
Germany/Bolivia 1995, 44 min., S-VHS / Beta SP